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Carry On Up Nottingham’s Queer Streets

The original guided tours of Nottingham’s lgbt heritage. Whether you’re a resident, tourist, or visitor, take a stroll around Nottingham city centre with an experienced tour guide. Tony has been a tour guide since 1988, working in such places as Nottingham Castle (winner of the Best UK Guided Tour of the Year 2004) and Gainsborough Old Hall.


A new blog bringing the latest news on tours & research;


the queer history behind today’s headlines;

guest bloggers;

gay roots and lesbian leaves on the worldwide family tree;

ideas for your own lgbt events, parties and displays;

fun facts and weird stories about this queer world;

and more.

Several different tours are available:

The Standard Tour:

From Nottingham Castle to the Pansy's Parlour,from Robin Hood to the Masquerader - a pot pourri of stories from 700 years of LGBT Nottingham.

The Romantic Tour:

An ideal tour to celebrate an anniversary, or to hear stories of love, romance, and the first St.Valentine's Day in 1342. Singles ARE welcome

The Robin Hood Tour:

Hear about life in medieval Nottingham, the gay origins of the worlds most famous folk hero, and the Citys oldest same -sex marriage - in 1387
The 7 Deadly (Gay) Sins Tour:

Some evangelists say gay men will burn in hell. Thats nothing compared to the hell some have already been through. All the deadley sins are covered - except one


Contact details

Tours operate to suit you. Choose your own time and date, and a tour can be arranged by contacting the email address below
Price: £3.00 per head
A full tour lasts just over an hour.
All tours are wheelchair friendly.

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